Match Report – Under 19s

 UNDER 19s COACHES REPORT-: Adrian Pearce



Pakenham 0.0 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6
Berwick A 8.4-52 13.10-88 22.12-144 29.16-190



Goal Kickers: J. Berry
Best Players: J. Baker-Bourchier, J. Berry, L. Tyrrell, J. Beswick, J. Pantorno, M. Smulders


Goal Kickers: T. Thomas 6, S. Nicholson 4, T. Sawdon 4, B. Asher 3, J. Driscoll 3, J. Yeilds 2, J. Yields 2, J. McLEAN, J. Cirulis, J. Cowan, R. Gains, M. McLardy
Best Players: J. West, B. Asher, T. Weinzierl, J. Yields, J. Driscoll, S. Nicholson

Round 15 saw Pakenham host top of the ladder Berwick and with their recent lack of numbers, had the boys start with 16 against the 22 Berwick players. We knew it was going to be a impossible task to stay with them. The focus was playing on our terms and play with heart.
The boys didn’t let themselves down, despite the lack of numbers and boys staying on the ground even when injured and sore.
I would like to give a huge wrap to JB for his full ground cover and ferocious tackling efforts, even when he shouldn’t have been running. Another one to the team’s captain, Brayden Baguley, for the gut running and physical abuse he put himself through, refusing to give up and come off the ground. Chez was gutsy again playing another full game heavily injured before and adding some new ones to the list.
This team proved me wrong, showing they do have a big heart after the effort last week. It would be really nice just to see it un injured and fully filled with 22 players on the day.