Match Report – Under 18s



Pakenham 0.0 0.0 0.1-1 4.1-25
Berwick 1.5-11 4.6-30 7.11-53 8.14-62



Goal Kickers: J. Beswick, J. Pene-Mckeen, B. Cozens, J. Haw
Best Players: T. Clacy, J. Price, M. Smulders, B. Rayner, J. Collins Ellis

After going in against Berwick with 2 on the bench, which we hadn’t had for a month things looked good. But we had one pull out on the morning of the game and then another injury half way through the second quarter. One of our players Steph had to leave at 3qtr time which left us with 17 to finish the game.


So we went through the game matching Berwick with intensity in the first quarter and fell away in the second and third. The fourth quarter we out scored them with 17!!! So if someone can explain to me how this happens that would be appreciated.


The boys constantly give their all with no rest game after game and I couldn’t be prouder. If we beat Narre Warren this coming week, we play finals. Simple as that.