Match Report – Seniors

Assistant Coaches Report -: Chad Shooter



Pakenham 1.3-9 4.4-28 6.6-42 8.10-58
Berwick 5.2-32 9.3-57 14.9-93 17.15-117



Goal Kickers: B. Wheeler 2, J. Tonks, J. Williams, R. Lehman, J. Smith, J. Anning, L. Walker
Best Players: B. Wheeler, T. Toussaint, G. Barclay, D. Holmes, J. Theisz, J. Anning


Goal Kickers: M. Johnson 5, B. Kearns 4, M. Weekes 2, L. Nelson 2, A. Morozoff, M. Harold, L. Sheppard, T. Gunn
Best Players: J. West, M. Johnson, L. Sheppard, B. Kearns, J. Harrison, A. Morozoff


Pakenham played host to last years premiers Berwick, in what was a must win game, if Pakky wanted to play in this years finals. At the selection table, there was some big omissions due to injury, with Younga and Frazer both out, add this to the already mounting injury list, it was going to be a effort for the boys to compete with the best in the league, but also a great challenge for the young group.


The game started in near perfect conditions, but the lions where a bit shell shocked, with the run of Berwick and had trouble holding the opponents at bay, causing the coaching staff to throw an extra behind the ball, but to their credit, they held their own for the rest of the 1st quarter. The boys found themselves down by 4 goals.


The 2nd quarter started off as a bit of a arm wrestle, with both teams going goal for goal, Pakenham was getting their  hands on the ball, but where having trouble getting it passed the half back line of Berwick, and skill errors where costing the lions at both end of the ground. Toots and Squiz, were both giving plenty of drive of the half back line. At half time we were down by 5 goals.


The 3rd quarter was a do or die for the lions, with theit season on the line, and being 5 goals down, the boys had to make some attacking moves. The lions were urged to take risks and play on at all costs, the boys tried to open the game up, but Berwick just had to much run and their  ability to hit up a target was a real difference between the two teams. The 3 quarter time break saw the lions with a 8 goal margin to make up.


It was to much of a margin, the lions fought it out to the end, but they ran out of run to end up going down by 9 goals. With a bye next week, and then the last game of the year against top of the ladder Narre it would be great to get behind the boys and see if we can finish the season of on a high.