Alcohol Management Policy

JUNE 2014

The Pakenham Football Club Inc. is a proud, family friendly club that seeks to ensure all officials, players, coaches and supporters enjoy the football in a friendly and safe environment. The PFC understands and accepts it has a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy environment, with responsible serving of alcohol and free of illegal drugs. This policy reflects a commitment by the club to the health, safety and welfare of all its members.

The Committee of Management of the Pakenham Football Club, as part of the overall corporate governance procedures, has adopted the AFL Victoria Alcohol Management Policy.

All players and officials of the Club are to make themselves aware of this manual and acknowledge the policies content.

This policy has been approved by the Committee of Management of Pakenham Football Club Inc. at its meeting of June 2014.

In addition, the Committee of Management of the PFC also passed a resolution that no one under the age of 18 at club functions, game day or otherwise will be allowed to consume alcohol on the premises, regardless of parents, guardians or anyone else consent. Any such incident will result in the individual(s) being removed from the Club premises. Furthermore, any individuals caught supplying alcohol to under 18’s will also be removed from the Club premise forthwith, and details recorded in the Club’s Alcohol Management Incident Register, and additional action considered for those individuals on a case-by-case basis.

A electronic copy of the policy can be found here.